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1. What is your regular Starbucks (or whatever coffee shop you go to) order?
Iced Caramel Latte with soy
2. Who was your favorite musician/band when you were little?
This is a very important question to me because my love for music started in middle school. Started with Sum 41 and Blink 182. Then The Used and Taking Back Sunday (whom I still love). Gradually started getting into Underoath, As Cities Burn, etc.
3. What’s a subject you find fascinating?
Cultural Anthropology! 
4. DC or Marvel?
5. What’s a story you’ve read that has always stuck with you?
The stories and ballads of Robin Hood have always been my favorite.
6. Are you a breakfast person? What’s your favorite breakfast food?
HECK YEAH I AM. Favorite food. I love eggs and bacon. AND CEREAL.
7. If you could change your name, would you? What would you change it to? 
Why not? I would change it to Emily Baudelaire.
8. What makes you happy?
Jesus. Books. Weekends where I have nothing to do but read. Good weather. Seeing a band I love live. Hearing my favorite song live. Good friends. Traveling and new adventures. Seeing someone love what I’ve filmed/edited for them. Vinyl. Dogs. Disney World. Giving things to others. Serving others.
9. How do you keep up with your favorite TV shows? Cable, Netflix, torrents, etc…?
Depends on if it’s live or I’m catching up. I use On Demand usually. Unless it’s a BBC show and I use torrents.
10. Are you a planner or a go with the flow type of person?
Both. Planning keeps me calm but I am a very chill person, so I’m usually up for anything!
11. What is your favorite thing to cook/bake? Share the recipe, please!
Right now it’s pigs in a blanket. Just get crossaint rolls and mini hot dogs, roll them up and cook for 15 minutes at 400 :) 
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  6. What does your relationship with your parents look like?
  7. Tell me what you did yesterday
  8. Dogs or cats?
  9. What are you looking forward to?
  10. Best band seen live?
  11. Would you travel 7 hours to see a band live? Who?